Tuesday, September 16, 2008


To me, photography is more than a profession. I would describe it as an "extension of reality" or maybe "a window into the minds eye." Regardless, I enjoy creating work that exists far beyond the ordinary and mundane. As a professional photographer, I enjoy the freedom of shooting for clients around the world while retaining a measure of artistic/creative control in my work. Creative control is an idealist concept I have held tightly for quite some time. Pushing the boundaries of the photographic medium and challenging the creativity of everyone involved is what I do. I enjoy turning concepts and dreams into reality while embracing the entirety of the process. Nicovision Atlanta, LA, New York and Miami. . .
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Anonymous said...

He takes lovely pictures, but most of his models are so.. thin, it's not a range of sizes, so I wonder if he is limited.

But however he takes absolutely beautiful pics regardless.


yeah i know. . . i wonder too, then again photoshop is an amazing tool