Sunday, April 5, 2009

Hathaway Photography

Hathaway Photography

It took awhile to come to the conclusion a few years ago to say I am not a fashion photographer but I do like clothing, I am not a glamor/beauty photographer but I do love photographing beautiful people. I am a portraitist, I love faces and what's behind them.

"What matters at the end of the the image"

- D.S. Hathaway

"Anyone who fails to understand photography will be one of the illiterates of the future" ~ Lazlo Moholy-Nagy
The Photographers who influenced my work over the years (no they are not on MM):

Irvin Penn
Gordon Parks - my trip to his funeral in Harlem
Helmut Newton
Richard Avedon
Arnold Newman
Sebastiano Salgado
Jan Saudek
Diane Arbus
Joel Peter Witkin

Photography by Dwayne Hathaway

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Jackie said...

Awesome images. . . Great site!


thanks jackie!


i'm a huge fan of d. hathaway!